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Atlantis Divers introduces the Aqua Lab II Project

At the heart of every SCUBA diver is an explorer.  We are surrounded by a magnificent world both above and below the waters; an alien environment of living organisms exist together, sometimes in complex and unexpected ways. 

As SCUBA divers, we are exposed to not only the interesting biology found beneath the waters edge, but also ecology, physics, physiology, archeology, environmental science,  as well as amazing feats of engineering and technology that allows us to don our dive gear and explore.

The Aqua Lab was designed to give us the opportunity to observe some of the amazing science behind the theory and practice of SCUBA diving, the living world under the sea and help provide divers with a greater understanding and appreciation of our world. 

Atlantis Divers teaches all levels of research classes to further your scientific exploration, both for the professional and amateur scientist.



Seahorses coming to Atlantis Divers

Dragons of the sea

this summer 2016!


Upcoming ADES Projects

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Sept 2016 Bioluminescence

December 2016 Sea Density Around the World

Feb 2017 Ocean Acidification and Coral Bleaching

May 2017 Deep Sea Robots

Sept 2017 Jellyfish Roll




Weather Station Project Coming SOON!




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