David M. Hay

Course Director

David M. Hay has the heart of a true explorer, he was born in Freeport, Bahamas and has spent most of his life at sea in one way or another, either above or below the water. Dave’s first dive was with his father in Abaco, Bahamas. Dave was immediately hooked and has been obsessed with wrecks and the underwater world ever since.

Dave has been diving for over 35 years, a majority of which have been at the professional level. He became a Master Instructor and Medic First Aid Instructor in 1994 and now holds Instructor ratings with PADI, NAUI, SDI, TDI, ERDI and ASHI. David is also a NAUI Course Director and Instructor Trainer. Dave's professional services and skills in Search and Recovery have been recognized by the West Virginia State Police, assisting with multiple criminal investigations underwater. One of David’s favorite dive memories include working as a research safety diver in the Bahamas and Archeological dives on the Bottle Wreck just of the Chesapeake coast.

After David completed his service in the Canadian Army, he joined his local Rescue Squad and was able to advance his emergency medical skills in the Bahamas, where he joined an out-island ambulance service called Trauma One as an EMT and Boat Captain. He also volunteered at the local hospital/clinic as a Physician’s Assistant. Upon David’s return to America, he continued as a First Aid-CPR Instructor and now is an Advanced Live Support Instructor and Training Director with ASHI.

David has an extensive background and continues his education and passion for the underwater world and oceanography. David’s passion for exploration and science is not limited to the water world. David is an amateur astronomer, and loves anything to do with physics, physiology, meteorology and ecology. Also like most little boys, he loves dinosaurs and volcanoes. David has his application in with future Virgin Galactic Mars missions, and asks when the time comes for everyone reading this to vote for him (despite what his wife says).  David loves all forms of exploration, and when not diving he is probably backpacking, whitewater rafting or stargazing with his bride.

David has a tremendous amount of experience skippering various sized boats throughout the Caribbean. He received his commercial Boat Masters License in January, 1996. His log not only includes skippering dive boats of all sizes and classes, but he has also skippered the rescue boat Reaction.

Dave has been diving around the world and holds citizenships in Canada, Great Britain and the Bahamas. His favorite dives are wreck dives and while his favorite sites are Little Palm Island (his honeymoon site), Cozumel, Bahamas, and Saba, he is always looking for a reason to explore a new dive site. In 2002, while working in a dive shop in Maryland, Doctor Laurie wandered into the store looking for a new dive buddy. Dave was happy to oblige by marrying her and taking her all over the world to explore the underwater realm. Their dive buddy relationship is perfect – she’s a biologist and is obsessed with fish, while Dave is the technical resource and is obsessed with planning new adventures.








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