Lorie Williams

Dive Master Intern, Radiologic Science

Despite growing up in Morgantown, WV, Lorie has always been drawn to open water.  

While attending West Virginia University, her aunt, Karen, returned from Belize where she had been living and working as a scuba instructor.  When Karen opened a dive shop in Washington PA, Lorie’s love of the water evolved. After graduating WVU in 1998 with a degree in Radiologic Sciences, Lorie moved to Pennsylvania and promptly enrolled in an Open Water PADI Scuba course through her aunt’s shop. Over the next five years, Lorie worked her way to becoming a PADI Rescue Diver. 

In 2007, Lorie moved to Richmond. Although her professional career limited her free time, Lorie’s love for diving won out. After researching dive shops in the area, she chose to schedule a refresher course with Atlantis Divers. Following her re-introduction to the sport, Lorie opted to further her diving education with Atlantis Divers. 

In 2015, Lorie took the next steps to combine her passion for recreational diving with her desire to educate others.  She found the perfect “family” to recognize this dream with at Atlantis. Having achieved her goal to become a Dive Master, Lorie currently enjoys working with individuals and introducing newcomers to the sport of Scuba - whether it is via a Discover Scuba experience, a Scuba Review or assisting with the various scuba courses Atlantis Divers offers.

When she is not diving with Atlantis, Lorie prefers saltwater diving and offshore fishing in Islamorada and throughout the Florida Keys. 








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