Mike Burnett


I was born in Lawton Oklahoma and grew up on a cattle ranch. When I was 10 years old,  my dad's work moved us to Richmond,  Virginia. After graduating high school, I worked construction for a few years and a good friend of mine was telling me about a scuba diving class he took. So in 1990, I took my OW class and soon after took the advanced class. I continued to work construction and was married in 1993 to my wife Stephanie.

In 2003, realized that I needed a change, so my public safety career started. I was hired on with a local fire department fire as a Firefighter/Paramedic and after 4 years was accepted to the public safety dive team. I continued my diving education with the help of a couple of seasoned scuba instructors and with their wisdom and experience, they helped me along with the recipe for turning out well trained scuba divers. 

I took  Rescue diver in 2009, Dive Master in 2010 and NAUI Instructor in 2015. I enjoy teaching scuba diving to others and help them enjoy the sport as much as I do. My goal once I retire is to continue to teach diving, spend time with my great family hopefully somewhere further south.   










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