In 2005, Atlantis Divers was born!

The family team of David W., David M. and Laura Hay joined together to pool their love of the ocean and diving into Atlantis Divers. They wanted to have a place where everyone from families with children to technical and professional divers could gather together to socialize and create new opportunities for diving.

What makes Atlantis different is a strong love of exploration science and discovery. The team is made up of professional explorers, scientists and educators. This is a strength that far exceeds most ordinary dive shops. For us it is a passion to discover what is around the next corner and learn all we can from the experience. We would love for you to share in the next Atlantis discovery. Come to learn, and stay for a life time of adventure and discovery.

Click on "staff name" to read bio and rank descriptions below.

David M. Hay
Captain / Course Director

Laura Hay PHD
First Mate / Dive Master

David W. Hay
The Second Mate / Banker

Brent Sizemore
Quarter Master / Instructor Trainer

Mike Burnett
Boatswain / Instructor

David Weidenhamer
Master Gunner / Instructor

Sean Wilcoxson
Charter Mate /Staff Instructor

Greg Martin
Charter Mate/ Lost at sea, we think in Fiji/ Instructor

Steven Curry
Master Gunner/ Instructor

Daniel Murray
Gunners Mate/ Staff Dive Master

Clayton (Sam) Beale
Gunners Mate / Dive Masterr

Cory Wheeler
Charter Mate/ Dive Master 

Chelsea Freeland
Gunners Mate/ Dive Master

Emma Browning
Gunners Mate/ Dive Master

Tarrant Dunford
Gunners Mate, Dive Master

Lorie Williams
Rigger/Dive Master Intern

Kristen Stover
Gunners Mate/ Divemaster

Danny Garrison
Boatswain/Service Technician/ Dive Master in Training

Joe Anderson
Charter Mate/ Instructor Retired

Captain Zulu
Ships Pet/Bio Coming Soon

Captain Tango
Ships Pet/Bio

The Captain commands the entire crew as its leader. This being said at Atlantis, he, in true pirate fashion does so with input of the crew. At Atlantis we use no contract instructors, all staff have an equal vote in policies and standards. We are one big family team as long as the crew never give the Captain a black spot!

First Mate:
The First Mate is the second-in-command of the pirate crew. He or she usually oversees the work of the other crew members, and answers only to the Captain. Also responsible for crew training and communications.

Second Mate:
The Second Mate is the third-in-command, answering only to the Captain and the First Mate. Not a dive command position. At Atlantis this position is the CFO, although not directly associated with dive operations, “yea with the gold makes the rules”.

Quartermaster: (Keeper of the Flag)
The Quartermaster is in charge of overseeing ship and crew preparations and readiness. Reports only to the Captain and often takes over during engagements when Captain is unavailable. He often speaks for the Captain and is the intermediary between Captain and crew. At Atlantis this is the most qualified and experienced instructor secondary only to the Captain in skill and diving authority.

Master Gunner
Extremely qualified member of the grew Each Gun or row of guns was managed by the Master Gunner, each gun an island onto itself was manned by the gun crew. Without the guns he ship is lost.  At Atlantis Instructors hold he rank of Master Gunners.

Master Pilot:
The master pilot / navigator works with the captain to pilot the ship over the water. The pilot needed to know such aspects as the ship's draught (how deep she sat in the water) how wide the ship was and how sharply she could turn. In shallow waters, the crew would take soundings (checking the depth of the water) and it would be up to the pilot to either steer the ship or sometimes stand at the bow and relay orders back to the man at the helm which way to steer the ship. Quite often, in the movies you see the captain of the ship giving the orders but in real life the captain would rely on the pilot of the ship to do such a task. At Atlantis this position is held by the shop Manager.

Among the crews were several skilled seamen who kept the ship afloat or kept the crew in place. The Bos'n was one of them. Originally, on board a sailing ship such as a man-of-war or a galleon, the boatswain was in charge of a ship's anchors, cordage, colors, deck crew and the ship's boats, and would also be in charge of the rigging while the ship was in dock. At Atlantis this rank is held by the Service center staff.

Gunners Mate
The Gunner mans and maintains the cannons. He or she must be an expert marksman and usually wields a gun or some type of projectile-based weapon. At Atlantis this position id held by Dive Masters and Assistant instructor and without them the Guns could not fire. Your best bet is always to make good friends with the Gunners. For one thing, they always go first when dishing out the rum.

The Rigger handles the ship when docking and shoving off. Usually he or she unties the ship from the dock when setting sail, and ties the ship to the dock when docking. The rigger will also raise and lower the sail, and may also raise and lower the anchor. At Atlantis Divers this position is held by Master Divers working on Dive Master.

Cabin Boy/Girl
The Cabin Boy or Girl performs the grunt work and menial chores on the ship. Considered to be junior or apprentice pirates, they are usually kept busy so as to teach them the lessons of being a pirate. When there is no work to be done, they are usually forced to polish cannonballs. You guessed it At Atlantis Divers this positions id held by Training assistants and shop interns and master divers.

Ships Pet
Pirates often keep pets, so to speak. Cats are often kept on ships to hunt rats. And dogs are always faithful companions. And despite what some may think, pirate parrots weren't just a myth. Historically, pirates really did keep parrots as pets. The talking birds kept pirates entertained during long voyages. And since they were considered exotic, they often sold for high prices among the At Atlantis Divers we have two Captain Zulu and Captain Tango. But they only report for duty by appointment.

Charter Mate:
We have several honorable positions for crew that have been with us since day one and have been part of building the Legend of Atlantis

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