Welcome to The Salty Dog Dive Club

(Warning only divers who are “scallywags, cut throat, bilge rat, your momma don’t admit to you dogs” allowed )

Entry test !!

  1. Would you call into work sick to go diving?
  2. Would you skip your best friend’s wedding to go diving?
  3. Would you dump a boyfriend/girlfriend because they don’t dive?
  4. Would you skip paying a bill to go diving?
  5. Do you plan what you’re wearing around your dive t-shirts?
  6. Have you thought about turning your garage into a personal dive locker?
  7. Do you pick your friends based on whether or not they dive?
  8. Do you wear a dive watch even when you’re not diving?
  9. Do you own a copy of Thunderball or The Deep?
  10. Do you know who Jacqueline Bisset is?

If you answered yes to all of the above you’re qualified, simply join the Atlantis Divers group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/97163875062/ Or stop into the shop or watch the calendar for Salty Dog Day events.

Dogs enjoy 50% off discounts on rental tanks and gear.


Splash & Dash

No charge to join
Description - social club and event updates.

Splash-&-Dash is Richmond's top dive club for people who thirst for the next great dive adventure. All are welcome … from the new diver to the expert.
Please call the shop for more information. Meeting details and club updates will be posted on the Atlantis Facebook page.

The first part of each meeting consists of social hour followed by a short overview of what's new this month and upcoming dive trips given by Laura and David Hay followed by any guest speakers. After,  it is back to social hour and dinner.
Come join the fun.

Atlantis Divers Science Seekers

Great opportunity for all of us dive geeks! 

Bi-monthly seekers events consist of topics presented by staff and guest speakers, such as physics and physiology, archeology, microbiology, meteorology and on and on and on…

We’ll also be going outside of the underwater world and discover all aspects of exploration sciences. 

Join us on field trips to a variety of scientific adventures. 

Atlantis Divers Explorers Membership

All new Atlantis Open Water divers are automatically enrolled free for first year, yearly dues are $200. And it can be purchased as a gift.  

Benefits of membership include:

  • Membership Pricing up to 10% off. This will be displayed on all products.
  • $100 off all International dive trips for each member.
  • Free tank rental or air fill, limit 2 per day per member.
  • Half price for additional fills or tanks.
  • 10% off equipment servicing
  • 10% off classes
  • Free practice pool time.
  • One free Scuba Review a year.
  • 50% off Nitrox fills




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