Danny Garrison

Boatswain/Service Technician
Dive Master in Training

I was born in Prince George, Va. and raised in Chesterfield County. At the age of 16 I entered the world of Public Safety. I first joined Phillips Volunteer Fire Department, where I became certified as a Firefighter and EMT. I spent the next several years on the fire side of things but in the early 90s decided that EMS was my calling. I joined a volunteer rescue squad in Chesterfield and then went on to make it my career.

I had often wondered what it would be like to venture below the water’s surface but wasn’t sure it was for me. After hearing from a friend and co-worker just how fun and exciting Scuba diving was, in 2014 I decided to take an Open Water class with my wife. From that moment it was a true passion. I have recently completed my Master Diver certification and am working toward being a Dive Master. 

When I am not in the water, I enjoy woodworking and building projects. A few recent dive trips to the Bahamas led me to designing and building saltwater aquarium systems, bringing the beauty of the deep right into my living room.








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