David W. Hay

Chief Financial Officer


An old Scottish banker who was transferred to the Bahamas in 1965. Joined UNEXCO in Freeport as a Charter Member in 1967. Certified in the “good old days” of web belts and when “BC” stood for “Before Christ” Most memorable dive was the first time I went “over the wall” the place of Grand Bahamas where the reef drops off suddenly into the abyss of Tongue of the Ocean. It was as if I had floated over the edge of a cliff.

Two other memorable dives. The first was when a buddy and I were talked into scrapping the bottom of a friend's steel hulled boat that was too big to bring on shore. The next day we were bright red and swollen round our mouths and where our masks, T-shirts, and shorts met arms, legs, etc. Apparently we were allergic to the anti-fouling paint. I looked like I had been kissing a porcupine!

The second concerned a remora that decided I was the Great White Shark of her dreams (at least I hope it was a her). She would not leave me alone, what is more she decided that up under my shorts was the place to be.

OK, there is a moral to these two stories; there is a reason why people no longer dive in T-shirts and shorts. And oh by the way, we do have a nice line of wet suits guaranteed to take care of even the most amorous remora!








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