Greg Martin


Greg was born in Pennsylvania but he grew up in Richmond and was raised as a true southern gentleman. His dad was a diver when he was young and even recovered a few civil war era artifacts from local waters and Greg grew up listening to dive stories while tagging along on trips to the dive shop. He always knew that one day he would dive too.

In 2006, he became certified as an Open Water diver at Atlantis Divers in…and seemingly has been in a student ever since until 2009 when he became an Instructor. He also participated in several specialty courses along the way and exploration diving along the Florida coast is one of his favorite get-a-ways. He shares his love of diving with anyone who asks and has also managed to include his family in his adventures. Not a month goes by that he isn’t with diving with his wife, son, brother, or sister-in-law.

Greg is a member of the senior staff at Atlantis Divers. Coupled with the love of the sport and the family
environment at the shop, Greg has been an integral piece of the business. He led the construction team in designing and remodeling our new home, in addition to teaching classes, and assisting with the development of the Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad Dive Team. He’s there through thick and thin to support his students, our dive community, and our Atlantis Divers family!








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