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Why the Name Atlantis?

A boys first true love.
As a small boy growing up in Ontario, Canada, I was completely fascinated with the shuttle program, any weekend I could nag my dad into dropping me off at the Toronto Science Center would be spent in the simulators landing the lunar lander on the moon, piloting the Apollo command module, and watching every video and movie on the shuttle.

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off on its maiden voyage on 3 October 1985, on mission STS-51-J. My school had a special video link of the launch - it was like we all stood in the launch center.

When the gantry moved aside we got a spectacular view of Atlantis, and I was in love. She was my first love.

The first model I ever built was the Atlantis space shuttle.

You can even see the mission patches under the shop counter.

To me, the name of this magnificent bird linked the earth, the ocean and space. What other name could we have chosen? Atlantis carried and embodied the spirit of unbridled exploration. Atlantis Divers was born with that same spirit.

STS- 135 The final mission of the shuttle program, and who better to carry the torch for the last time but, ATLANTIS...

By David M. Hay


Last shuttle mission details

  • Launch 11:29 a.m. EDT - July 8, 2011
  • Landing: 5:57 a.m. EDT - July 21, 2011
  • Orbiter: Atlantis
  • Mission Number: STS-135
  • Mission Duration: 13 days
  • Spacewalks: 1 (by ISS crew)
  • Landing Site: KSC
  • Primary Payload: 37th station flight (ULF7), multi-purpose logistics module

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Current Research

The Cape Eleuthera Institute is a facility that promotes a connection between people and the environment.

Our holistic approach to island ecosystems, philosophy of collaboration and relationship building, and intrinsic bond between primary research and education helps to create models of effective resource management and sustainable development. In turn, these model systems help to enhance conservation initiatives and economic prosperity at local, regional, and global scales. With a diverse array of virtually unexplored environments at our doorstep, the Cape Eleuthera Institute acts as a hub for exploration, primary research, and information exchange. Regardless of your age, the Cape Eleuthera Institute is a place to learn, to teach, and to experience.

Our location gives immediate access to flats, patch reefs, unique landmarks, the Bahama Bank, and Atlantic Ocean. CEI facilities were built using sustainable design concepts; the built space is an educational tool in itself and fosters innovation. As one of the most eco-friendly campuses in the world, CEI is contributing to the national dialogue and policy-making efforts to encourage more sustainable development in The Bahamas and similar coastal communities around the world.




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