When we opened our doors in 2005, we built a dive shop where everyone – from families with children to technical and professional divers – could gather together to meet, discuss diving and make new opportunities to dive.

Atlantis Divers in Richmond, Virginia is working to build a network and a community for divers. We are a fun, friendly and family oriented diver operation looking for people who wish to grow as divers and meet new people. Tell your friends, your family and dive buddies to come join us!

In our community, dive buddies become lifelong friends. We seek new friendships with divers and dive shops across the globe. We share the same sense of adventure.

What is at the center of our community is the one thing that links us together, the love of the water and the majesty beneath it. It’s where we long to be, happiest when we arrive, a place where fond memories rest when we leave, and an underwater world with so much left to explore.

Our passion is below in the swells of the great blue.

Certification Organizations:

padi.com/scuba naui.org tdisdi.com ashinstitute.org ucidiver.com tdisdi.com




Travel Information:

Transporting SCUBA equipment Hurricane & weather tracking Flight tracking
tsa.gov/travelers stormpulse.com flightaware.com


Dive Insurance:


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Divers Alert Network (DAN), your unique recreational diver association! This new and improved website is designed to enable you, the diver, to find out all you may wish to know about DAN and its services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


Conservation Efforts:

nauigreendiver.org conserveturtles.org projectaware.org cousteau.org


aquarius.uncw.edu aaus.org dx12.jsc.nasa.gov whoi.edu/main/po

Other Links of Interest:

divebsc.com divebsc.com lake-phoenix.com


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