Sean Wilcoxson

Staff Instructor

Sean Wilcoxson was born in Lincoln, IL and grew up in Mason City, IL. Sean’s passion for water started with an interest in free diving and snorkeling while serving in Okinawa, Japan in the Navy around the mid 90’s. After his reassignment back to land, and a short break from recreational water sport, Sean took a Resort scuba diving course while his was visiting in Jamaica in 2006. When he returned to Richmond, he completed his Open Water class with Atlantis Divers. Needless to say…he was hooked!

Once his scuba fever was firmly established, Sean quickly progressed up the ranks and completed his Divemaster class the following year in 2007. After a few years as a Divemaster, he completed his Instructor’s certification in 2010. You can find him teaching many of our scuba and medical courses and in our shop. Sean is one of Atlantis Divers senior staff members and a huge contributor to the establishment of our current home. Along with other key members of the Atlantis Divers family, Sean worked until late in the night for two months to help construct our dive shop.

Diving for Sean is the most relaxing thing in his life. Sean's favorite is wreck diving, but he is happy to dive anywhere there is water. He tries to get down to North Carolina to the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" any time he is not teaching. His "other favorite dive sites" can be found all around Florida and Virginia Beach. He is STILL looking for a dive buddy for a trip up to Thunder Bay to dive some of the old schooners in the Great Lakes! He loves going to the Bahamas for easy comfortable diving and when he’s not exploring the sea, he can be found working in the medical field.








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