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Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to be part of the best Dive Operation in the industry?

This is NOT just another dive job! Few ever earn the right to wear the Black Atlantis staff shirt. If you think you truly want to be part of something different and special, then Atlantis may be the place for you.

Atlantis Divers is clearly the number one shop in Virginia and always strives to become better than before. We have set the standard and bar in the industry. Atlantis Divers is always looking for top people to help grow and continue Atlantis Diver’s legacy of excellence in diving. Being a member of Atlantis is like nothing you have done before in diving, so do not think you have. This shop is run by a code of conduct and an all-for-one crew mentality. We are a tight knit team and have no problem saying goodbye to staff who “can’t cut it.”

80% of people who think they have what it takes to join this crew, fail. We are only interested in the very best people. Joining this crew takes a serious commitment. The bulk of the surrounding shops staff are made up of the people that did not make it at Atlantis. Also, this is not Burger King, sometimes the customer is wrong, we are not just selling certification cards, we are making divers. I would rather a mad but alive and safe customer then a dangerous, happy one. Let all that sink in for a moment before you attempt to earn the respect of this crew - we want you, but we are not going to make it easy for you. We all get paid on a “per share “ pirate mentality. If we are successful and do a good job, we eat. If we drop the ball … we do not eat, owners and crew alike only get paid for the job we do. Nothing is guaranteed.

This is another reason why the crew is so picky. If you’re looking for a cushy dive operation that pays you to do the minimum requirement, this is not the crew for you, and I can recommend second place shops for you. You must earn the crews respect and every dollar we charge the customer. If something is wrong, you fix it, do not complain that dishes are in the sink, handle it and remember - we are all in the same boat. Leave your HR beliefs, safe space and easily hurt feelings at home, we handle issues in this shop as a family. Lives depend on what we do, this is not your momma’s house. All that being said, I love this place and this crew and we are the best hands down. If you want to be part of something different then you will love being Atlantis Crew also, if all this sounds like you, then let’s see what you are made of.

As a Staff member you will be required to:

We do not use contractors! Ever!

1. All crew members are voting stake holders of a team, we do not allow for differences is approach or standards, we train under the emphasis that every student is family member with no exceptions. We are not out to sell dive cards, we make divers and we all share in that responsibility.

2. You will be required to attend educational classes, workshops and must complete the Atlantis Divers “fit testing “ or in house internship training. This training also includes a 3-month probationary period.

3. We as a team select and approve every new crew member. You have two options in becoming a member of Crew Atlantis, work your way up internally by attending Atlantis Divemaster or Instructor certification, followed by your Atlantis Divers “fit-testing” and successful completion of your intern work, you will be a rigger for no less than 3 months.

This still does not guarantee you a spot, you must be voted on at the end by the crew. We only take the best. The second option is for Divemaster's and Instructor's already certified and wishing to join the crew. After interview selection you will be required to present yourself to the crew for selection. We call this “going before the mast.” If you’re approved you will start your “Fit testing” and your 10 internship dives/work. Prepare to have all aspects of dive knowledge and emergency readiness tested. Then you start you 6-month period as a Rigger, in that time you will learn everything about the Atlantis way and be tested on it. After that you will be resubmitted to the crew vote. If you are confirmed, you will be a full share member of the crew. Please again understand, we only take the best.

What we look for in all positions:

Professional and friendly demeanor.

Personal commitment to being the best.

Integrity and a desire to learn.

Responsibility and accountability concerning customer safety and satisfaction

A commitment to only being the best without ever compromising quality and safety.

Staff Instructors Requirements:

Minimum two years teaching experience or certification through Atlantis Divers.

Certification in one of the following agencies PADI, SDI, TDI, NAUI and / or ERDI.

You will be required to obtain certifications in a minimum of two agencies.

Professional rescuer level CPR.

EMT or First Responder a plus or enrollment in an Atlantis Divers first responder class.


Staff Divemaster:
Minimum 2 years’ experience or certified by Atlantis Divers
Professional rescuer level CPR
Certification in one of the following agencies PADI, SDI,TDI,NAUI and/or ERDI
EMT or First Responder a plus or enrollment in an Atlantis Divers first responder class.

Sales Associate:
Two years diving experience or trained by Atlantis Divers
Currently or working towards your Divemaster Certification
First Aid, CPR, AED
Two years professional sales experience
Dive shop experience a plus

Service Center Technician:
Currently no outside positions available

Travel Specialist:
2 years’ experience
Certified or working towards agent certifications
Certified diver minimum 1 year experience or certified by Atlantis Divers
CPR/First Aid

Summer Intern:
Call Atlantis Divers for additional information.

Outside Sales Government and Commercial Sales Associate:
Call Atlantis Divers for additional information.

No criminal activity or drug use will ever be tolerated at Atlantis Divers, not only do we expect professionalism on duty but we expect people to be ethical outside of Atlantis, on this crew you are never “off duty.”

Why the Atlantis Divers choice is the right choice...

The pricing at Atlantis Divers is comparable to the pricing found on the internet and discount venders. We differ in that we offer the following service that no other retailer (internet or store) provides:

1. All regulators and life-support manufacturers are not only top quality but also tested and used by our Instructors. No Atlantis Divers staff is paid on commission to sell you certain gear. We are not going to “sell” you life support but provide you with the information so you can make an informed decision about the right life support for you and your diving adventures. The sales staff at Atlantis Divers has over twenty years experience in providing expert advice, support and service of life support – not only to the recreational dive community, but also Police, Fire and EMS and all public safety dive teams.

2. All life support are dealer prepared, assembled and certified “ready to dive” by an Atlantis Divers technician before it leaves the store. This is the main reason we do not sell pre-built packages on the internet. Each diver has specific needs and requirements and each piece of dive gear has its specific needs and requirements. The professionals of Atlantis Divers will work to ensure your gear is set up correctly and meets all manufacturers’ specifications, as well as your expectations and we will continue to work until it is right.

3. All life support purchases (regulator, BCD or both) come with a free “check dive.” Atlantis Divers provides free instruction, pool time and air so you dive and understand the operation of your new life support before your next dive trip.

4. Free Bench Testing is provided to you for as long as you own your life support purchased at Atlantis Divers. Atlantis Divers is the only shop on the southside that runs a full manufacturer’s test bench and is able to ascertain whether or not your life support is performing at the correct specifications. This gives the purchaser confidence in their life support system.

5. NO life support sold at Atlantis is refurbished, returned or gray market dive gear. Atlantis Divers only sells life support for which we are authorized venders and does not engage in aftermarket sales of life support. We stand behind the quality of all dive gear sold.

Customize your own package!
All dive shops offer set packages at a discounted rate – one BCD, one regulator/octopus, one computer or a set of gauges - but Atlantis Divers doesn’t believe that one package fits all divers. Atlantis Divers has a different philosophy and does it a little differently – you assemble your custom package specific to your needs and receive an automatic package discount. Atlantis Divers also insists on passing on manufacturer’s deals to our customers. Again, this means that your package is customized to your needs.

Atlantis Divers has provided dive gear to recreational divers, police, fire, and EMS public safety divers, from Texas to Europe. Atlantis Divers is the pro’s choice…that’s why Atlantis Divers is the right choice!

Read and print the article - Why the Atlantis Divers choice is the right choice...

The Captains Orders - "Setting the Right Course!"

Being the best comes at a cost, it is a commitment that not only means providing the very best in quality both in equipment and in training, but willing to sacrifice the idea of the “fast buck.”

It also means making access easy for the customer, while being fair and open regarding pricing
(no hidden fees or costs).

Read and print the entire article - Captain's Orders - Setting the Course!


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