We would love to putt all the comments on line, but it would be a full time job to do so. We have posted just a sample of them for you.

We would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to Dave Hay and the crew of Atlantis Divers. In particular Dave Hay, Laura Hay, Lyon Ewell, Steven Curry, Maggie Hay, Mike Kirk & Brent. As Youth Director for my Church, last year you taught a handful of my kids how to Scuba Dive. This year during our week long Church Summer Camp, you taught 18 of my kids, and 3 of my adult chaperones how to dive.

Nearly every kid at Camp said it was the highlight of the week. You went above and beyond to hold class on Saturday, and then dive on Wednesday. Because you did not want anyone to miss out, you even held a special class on Wednesday morning at Lake Rawlings just to include 4 who were unable to make it to the original class.

I would do anything for these kids as I think of them as my own, and I would not trust their lives to ANYONE other than the outstanding crew of Atlantis Divers! With Dave's permission, Lyon put this together for me and led the dives. I know it is not easy to keep up with 21 new divers underwater at the same time. You did an outstanding job, and brought plenty of help to watch over and keep my kids safe. And it didn't end there. You even took time out of your busy schedules to come back with us to Camp Kehukee afterwards for a cook-out and to spend more time with my kids.

Thank you for introducing 21 very special people to the underwater world so that they could share in my love of diving. I think you definitely have some future customers. Every one of them are telling me (not asking) that we ARE going to do this again next year, and I have no say in the matter. LoL!!! Anyway, words cannot adequately express my gratitude, and I am deeply in your debt.


Greg is a great teacher! Everyone at the shop is friendly and fun to be around -Magan Coffin-

Dear Lyon
Thank you so much for taking the time to come speak to our scout troop. We all truly enjoyed your presentation on Scuba and we all had a great time! I also appreciate all of your help with Scuba Merit Badge and look forward to working with you on more on it. Thank you again -Austin White-

To Dave and Atlantis Divers
Thank you so much for a great class! I learned a lot and had a TON of FUN! Thanks again -Helen and Jeff-

My instructor was Sean and he was extremely knowledgeable and patient. The class environment was relaxed and fun. I will feel confident when I am diving on my upcoming vacation in 2 months. -Lori Rusin-

Awesome experience and will see you guys next month for Advanced! -Robert S. Hill-

The staff at Atlantis Divers are fabulous- we had a great experience and would recommend Atlantis Divers in a second. You guys go that extra mile at all times. -Paula Belmonte-

Great Instructors, patient and personable. I would recommend Atlantis to anyone interested in diving. I will definitely be coming back for more classes. -Mike-

Everyone was very welcoming and very knowledgeable. We will continue to work with you all. Do not change a thing! -Samuel Smith-

Great Class and experience. I would recommend you to anyone! -David Coper-

Greg and Shawn
Thank you for everything, you guys are the best and great scuba instructors too! -The Turner Family-

Atlantis Divers is a great operation and everyone is great! -Justin L-

David and Laurie
Thanks to both of you again for being such a big part of the 2009 Rescue Camp@ EMS Symposium. Upi helped make the camp on of the best for our up and coming members. I look forward to a continued relationship with both of you. You guys rock! -Kathy-

As a beginner, the entire staff was very calming and reassuring. Great experience. -Jennifer-

Very Professional, Calming manor, No weaknesses that I saw. I would dive with you again. -Stevin Fischer-

Greg is very cool and a very intelligent guy. The class was fun and laid back, all the staff was awesome!
-Cole Hagaman-

Knowledgeable, experienced instructors. The staff and dive masters made me feel like part of the family instead of “Just another customer” Great Job! -Heath Havoie-

Very knowledgeable and helpful! -Rick-

Great personal attention, Great instructor to student ratio! -Frank-

Felt very safe while diving, good explanations of dives DM and Instructors are very attentive. Recommend stretching before diving ( I am supper sore ) -Sarah Moody-

Class was presented in a very systematic , professional , entertaining way. Look forward to having the rest of my family certified. -Jim Sturdenant-

Great Class, Instructor was very good. Great Training looking forward to more classes. -Steve Curry-

I enjoyed this class, especially at the lake, This has got to be the best and most professional dive shop around.
-Jared Droum-

Everyone I have ever met at Atlantis is amazing! -Jill Aberfoil-










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